08 December 2022

Whisper of the Heart

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Seino Nana
Matsuzaka Tori


Hirakawa Yuichiro


Whisper of the Heart (2022) is the live action adaptation of the manga Whisper of the Heart, which became a 1995 Studio Ghibli movie.

Shizuku (Nana Seino / Runa Yasuhara) met Seiji (Tori Matsuzaka / Tsubasa Nakagawa) in junior high school and although she had a poor first impression of him she gradually became to like him because he pursued his dream of becoming a cellist. Shizuku dreams of becoming a novelist and Seiji falls for her after learning about her passion. The two make a promise that they will work their hardest to make their dreams a reality and to meet again in the future. Ten years later Shizuku is working as an editor for children's novels at a publishing company after she gave up on her dream. Seiji lives abroad and is still pursuing his dream of becoming a cellist. As they meet Shizuku can't help but feel the distance between them and the people they have become.

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